QSMM Patient Testimonials

We love to receive feedback! Especially when they are so positive about their experience at a QSMM Medical Clinic. Here are just a few comments we’ve received. Do you have a positive experience to share? Be sure to send your testimonial here!

A very convenient clinic. I’ve driven by this clinic many times on my route to and from my home and office. Finally had an opportunity to visit and was surprised how convenient this location is with a radiology clinic and pharmacy. Wish I’d known sooner!

– Glenwood Medical Clinic

Want to say thanks for being open on the weekends. Really appreciate being able to see my doctor even on a Sunday as I work 6 days a week. Very helpful and recommend to everyone.

– Parkland Medical Clinic

Happy and healthy thanks to the weight clinic at Glenwood. Everyone has been very helpful and I have relearned new healthier habits to maintain my new ideal weight. The nutritionists were especially helpful in helping me be more mindful of what I’m eating. I’m now healthier than ever. Thx so much.

– MyWeight Management Clinic

Just wanted to thank Dr. Jas Singh for being our new family doctor. I really appreciate knowing that he can take care of our whole family as a family doctor but also especially thankful for his experience in pediatrics. New city, new family, new doctor. Everything worked out perfectly and wanted to say thanks.

– Saddleback Medical Clinic

Walked into this clinic, off the street, with my sick little granddaughter last month. A visiting grandma from (another province)… was treated like an old friend by the staff and attended by a very competent doctor. We left with treatment and a very good feeling about this clinic. She is much better now and her mom is continuing with the doctor who gave such good practical advice. I’m sorry it’s such a long commute or I would use this clinic myself!

– Granville Medical Clinic

Convenient location right in Rexall. I can do my shopping and have my checkup all at once. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

– Granville Medical Clinic

Thank you for the educational programs! Very helpful and great to know we have health practitioners that care!

– Parkland Medical Clinic

Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate the support. I would recommend this clinic to everyone I know. Really appreciate what the doctors here have done for me thank you!

– Glenwood Medical Clinic

Very good service and best of all, no lineups – makes a world of difference not having to wait so long, thanks!

– Saddleback Medical Clinic

Dr. Krystle Kay-Pfau really understood my needs and provided the guidance and care I needed. I just wanted to send my thanks and recommend her to others. Thanks so much.

– Granville Medical Clinic

Just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone for always being so supportive. With your Diabetes Program I was able to get a great overview and best of all how to better cope and understand it. Appreciate the time and effort you guys put into this and will take the advice on a better diet to reduce symptoms and hopefully even reverse some of the effects. Thanks for cheering me on.

– Parkland Medical Clinic

Just a quick thanks to everyone! Great service and made us feel comfortable, thanks! The doctors were very kind and friendly and I would recommend them to anyone!

– Queen Street Medical Clinic

Just wanted to thank Dr. Rai for being so understanding. He not only explained my situation thoroughly, he took the time to listen to my needs and put many things at ease. Really appreciated that. Thanks again.

– Parkland Medical Clinic

Losing weight is hard but not knowing how to lose weight is worse. The weight clinic has been great in teaching me what I need to do and how to do it. I feel empowered and hopeful. I’ve already started losing some weight so I’m pretty excited. Thanks so much!

– Glenwood Medical Clinic