Helpful Resources

When it comes to patient care, nothing is more helpful than knowledge and understanding. Here are some helpful links to resources that we hope can help. If you have any questions or for medical advice, please visit a QSMM clinic as our friendly physicians will be happy to answer your questions.

Alberta Health Services

alberta-health-servicesAlberta Health Services is Canada’s first province-wide, fully integrated health system. To learn more, please call 1-866-408-5465 or visit:

Alberta Primary Care Initiative

primary-care-initiativePrimary Care Initiative (PCI) provides access to family physicians and health care providers in Alberta. The purpose of the PCI is to develop Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and support them in meeting the objectives of the program. To learn more, please visit:

Canadian Diabetes Association

canadian-diabetes-associationDiabetes affect many of us whether it is yourself or a loved one. Not only is this an excellent resource to learn more but also allows for donations to help the association continue their fight against diabetes. For more info, please visit: Please also be sure to ask us about QSMM’s Diabetes Education Program

Canadian Cancer Society

canadian-cancer-societyIf you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, you’ll have many questions and concerns. The Canadian Cancer Society is here to help. They offer support and information for people with cancer and their family, friends and caregivers. To learn more, please visit:

The Cord Blood Center

cord-blood-centerCord blood banking has been used to treat over 80 diseases including leukemia and lymphoma. More awareness can help save the lives of children and adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses. To learn more, please visit:

Cord Blood Guide

cord-blood-guideCord blood treats over 80 diseases including leukemia and lymphoma. Donations are painless and are being used to save the lives of children and adults around the world. Learn more in their free downloadable guide. To learn more, please visit:

Heart & Stroke Foundation

heart-and-strokeThe Foundation aims to build healthier hearts and minds across Canada by bringing life-saving knowledge to the communities we serve, through our local area offices and the healthcare providers we support with education and resources. To learn more, please visit:

 The Mesothelioma Center

asbestos-mesothelioma-centerThe Mesothelioma Center is an advocacy group that promotes awareness on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. Their website features the most comprehensive guide to mesothelioma, including general information about the disease and a list of treatment centers and top doctors across the nation. To learn more, please visit:  and

My Health Alberta

myhealthalbertaMy Health Alberta is an excellent resource for all your health questions. Here, you will find valuable information from a single, reliable source relevant to Albertans. Their goal is to create a single place for you to go for health information and useful health tools. To learn more, please visit:

Quality Sleep Care

Quality Sleep CareQuality Sleep Care’s goal is to provide a high level of convenience and support to their patients to ensure the success and comfort with therapy so sleep quality improves and you feel better! To learn more, please visit:

Screening for Life – Breast Cancer

screening-for-life-breast-cancer Just because no one in your family has had breast cancer doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. In fact, 80% of women who develop breast cancer have no family history at all. Learn more about early detection and the important role of mammograms. To learn more, please visit: