About QSMM – Your Patient-Centred Medical Home

At QSMM, our goal is to provide a comprehensive patient-centred medical home to ensure all our patients have access to a dedicated family physician and medical team based on a Collaborative Care model to support them in all their medical needs on a regular and consistent basis to maximize positive health outcomes.


Our Patient-Centred MedicalĀ HomeĀ Goals

  • To manage complicated medical findings and illnesses
  • To recognize unexpressed needs of our patients
  • To listen and communicate with patients of different cultural backgrounds and languages
  • To help manage chronic medical conditions
  • To ensure timely appointments and being accessible to all our patients
  • To provide counseling and help assist patients with multiple problems/issues in one visit
  • To work with our medical team to coordinate required medical and consulting services
  • To ensure clinical goals and priorities are set and appropriate interventions are implemented
  • To ensure medical records are easily accessible and secured in an electronic form
  • To arrange all medical services required for our patients within a medical home model

Our Collaborative Care model to get us there

To achieve our goals of a Patient-Centred Medical Home, QSMM’s approach to caring for patients is through our Collaborative Care model. This is where each of our trained and specialized health care professionals work together in a collaborative environment to ensure our patients are cared for by using each member’s skills, knowledge and specialized training. This means that your dedicated family physician is always backed by a team of specialists ready to help you.

  • Each health care specialist is available when they are needed
  • Our doctors and nurses are continuously trained for the changing environment to meet the needs of our patients
  • Thanks to our network of clinics, we are able to efficiently share our resources throughout our clinics for the maximum benefit of our patients throughout the greater Edmonton area.

Our Corporate & Clinic Objectives

  • Provide the best quality health care to our patients and community
  • Strive to provide a pleasant and supportive experience for our patients, staff, and physicians
  • Cultivate innovation, creativity, and growth in all aspects of our organization
  • Be leaders and contributing members of our community
  • Be exemplary models for professionalism and stewardship of our corporate values